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Moving Articles and Downloads!


It's going to be a slow move but one by one I'm merging 2 sites together using SmarterTrack Portal. 

I'm even placing a few "Donate $5.00" buttons for those that offered to buy a beer. 
Onda V972 v1 are all setup. Will have the others soon. 

I hope this will allow more interaction with you and if you need one on one help I'll be jumping back into the "Low Budget, Tech Support" from ASP Classic Programming to offering suggestions on system configurations. 

Thanks for visiting and how to see you in the Portal. 



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Thank you, Murray W.



My Small Cloud "What's New"

ASP Classic Programming, Editing, Updating!


ASP or Active Server Pages offers a foundation to build great websites and it's not going away like a few people might say. 

ASP Classic can run VBScript, Database Scripts, JavaScript, any number of client side and server side applications and scripts.

HTML Layout can be updated as long as you know how to embed your HTML code with your ASP Classic code to make it all work.

For years, I have managed to keep my ASP Classic sites updated to the most current trends of SEO, HTML, Design and layout. It takes time to learn each new trend like when Floating websites were mostly replaced with Responsive websites. Making asp classic even more effectent to you and your group by not having to reinvest from the core. 

Don't let that smooth talker tell you that you "Can't Do that with asp classic." 
Let an old school programmer tell you what can and can not be done with today's new additions to that old ASP Classic site of yours. 

Use my contact page. 

Rebuilding my Electronics Room

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Thank you, Murray W.



When you are ready to start hosting your own private network you take on a serious amount of responsibility. Why not share with others configurations, hardware and software that is working so other can join in the private cloud world .